Zumbrota River, Minnesota, 23 mile day trip

Met my dad in Zumbro Falls, MN and paddled from river mile 46 to river mile 23 on the Zumbrota River to the take out in Theilman. Neither of us had spent any time in this river valley, let alone on the actual river so it was a nice surprise to find steep wooded banks and large cliffs lining the shoreline. In doing some research before the paddle I had found other accounts of quick trips on the Zumbrota, and so was  expecting over 5 miles per hour. At 3:30 into our paddle I reminded dad to start paying attention and looking for the take-out; as in theory it could come any time around 4 hours and on. Immediately after saying that I looked to the left bank and sure shit if it wasn't the take-out. We nearly missed it. 6.7 mph is not too bad and might be the fastest 20+ mile paddle I've done. 

After completing this trip in a whoosh I'd definitely like to return and cover the entire river. It looks like Minnesota DNR has set up a few shoreline campsites along the way.

Here is a link to the Interactive Water Trail Map for the state of Minnesota, a very valuable too for kayak and canoeing.

Didn't capture a ton of camera stuff from this trip but here is a short minute of some of the stuff we saw along the Zumbrota River while we kayaked.