Extended weekend paddle on the Namekagon River - September '14

If you paddle Wisconsin, you will eventually find your way to this classic Northwoods river. For 100 miles the Namekagon winds through northern forests, bogs, and meadows. With numerous campsites and landings you can make any size trip you'd like.

We used the map below.

We put in at the highway K landing early on Thursday morning. The scenery was great from the start, as the fall colors were really hitting a groove.

We didn't need to put in a ton of miles that first day, so much exploration occurred. We decided to check out Mckenzie creek first. Now the map is a bit tricky and there is conflicting information out there. The creek we explored was the little trib right before the leisure lake trail. Anyways here's what happened:

There were not any fish in the big open water area above the beaver dam, however the water was crystal clear and fun to explore.

After having a great first night around the campfire, we hit the water again for another day of adventures.

After utilizing a few different filter methods, we all agreed that on a river like the Namekagon a waterbottle filter would make the most sense. This short clip shows exactly what I mean.

At one point on the 3rd day, James was somewhere upstream and we were unsure of his location. Here is where we found him.

Earth caves on the Namekagon? sweet! Although we had some clouds on the last 2 days, the scenery was still amazing.

I would highly recommend any portion of this river to all! The rapids are very manageable and the campsites are well maintained. For help planning a trip or more information please send me an email: I'd love to hear about your trip and plans!

The Lower Black River, 53 mile Overnight Kayak

When I found a few extra days it seemed like a no-brainer to take the kayak out on a paddle trip. The Black River downstream of Black River Falls was my choice. I had heard good things about the sandstone cliffs and surrounding landscape. 

Much thanks to my buddy Zach! He helped with the shuttle for this one and made my life a lot easier. I put in around noon on Tuesday, May 5th at Perry Creek Recreation Area and made my way downstream for about 27 miles. 

It is pretty amazing to explore the various cliffs and tributary river valleys that line the river. Also plentiful are springs that pour into the river. In addition to this the wildlife is active and abundant.

The next day was 26 miles to the boat launch along highway 35. Woke up and got some camp coffee going in the percolator. Always use straight river water for this, just something about it. Hit the water by 9am. Spent some time with eagles pretty close, 20 minutes hanging out with the one. Rained hard for a while, which was awesome. 

This is certainly a trip worth repeating, and could easily be stretched out over a few days. Below you'll find highlights from the paddle.